Friday, January 11, 2013

Schools for Tibetans, run by Tibetans


The story of the aftermath of the sneak attack from across the LOC by Pakistan that left two Indian jawans mutilated, and strained the India Pakistan relations severely, has been prominently covered by all prominent newspapers of their front pages. The Times of India says that border truce violations have almost doubled in 2012.
The Asian Age reports that twenty five days after the Delhi gang rape and subsequent death of a 23 year old paramedic student, the Delhi Government is working on a recommendation of making auto-rickshaw kiosks on the pattern of taxi kiosks so that commuters could get auto-rickshaws round the clock.
Under the headline, Decriminalising Politics", The Tribune reports that the Supreme Court has directed the Centre to justify the existence of two different laws - one for ordinary citizens involved in criminal cases and another for the similarly placed elected representatives.
The Indian Express writes that Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has suggested that Aadhaar numbers should be included on birth certificates and university degrees which will help in accessing services and overcoming bogus beneficiaries and duplication.
"Schools for Tibetans, run by Tibetans" - under this headline, The Indian Express says that the Cabinet has decided to transfer 71 schools, set up in the 60s for kids of Tibetan refugees, from the HRD ministry to the Dalai Lama led administration in Dharamshala.
Under the caption "Insulin code out, say bye to needles", The Times of India says that in a major breakthrough that could help millions of diabetics, Australian researchers have solved a 20-year-old mystery on how Insulin works at the molecular level that may soon enable diabetics to get rid of daily injections.
"Jayashri's Pi lullaby in race for Oscar". Under this headline, The Indian Express says that the lilting, tender song in Tamil called "Pi's Lullaby", in the movie "Life of Pi" which has been nominated in 11 categories, is in the race for the Best Music (Original Song) at the Oscars 2013.

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