Monday, January 28, 2013

Congress’ unfortunate Telangana approach | Telangana | Congress | The New Indian Express

Congress’ unfortunate Telangana approach | Telangana | Congress | The New Indian Express: "The Andhra Pradesh government and the UPA at the Centre have established a familiar pattern of dealing with the Telangana movement: Close your eyes and let the storm blow over. So as the Telangana Sakala Janula Samme has the state administration in a vice-like grip, the Kiran Kumar Reddy government is practising exactly that formula. The chief minister has been heard to lament that Telangana’s pain is self-inflicted and this bleating has gone unheeded. Indeed the resolve of the agitators has got firmer with the strike now two-weeks-old."

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  1. hyderabad composition today is totally different from what it existed prior to 1956.The population then was 60% mulsims, 10% kayathas/marawadies /other north indians( who were brought in by nizam to rule telugus like slaves), 10% canarese(hyderbad karnatak), and 10% marathas(marathwada) . After formation of AP, the population from seemandhra and telangana regions increased at very large rate reducing northinidan/kayasth/marawaries to less than 5%,muslims to to 40%, seemanadhrites to 30% , 25% telanganites(originalpeople settlers from eight districts of telangana.These figures are most authentic even though seemandhra population claim is to the extent of 40%.
    Naturally the hyderabadites and only hyderabdites will detrmine the future of hyderabad.The politicians may decide as per the regional aspirations but the reginal aspirations of greater hyderabad can not be overlooked by centre in case of division . There will be unrest If they do that.

    Deviding telugus on the basis of regions is highly objectionable. Hyderabad belongs to telugus and it has to remain as capital of telugus for ever .The option that is acceptable is only samaikhya andhra pradesh and nothing lese.
    It is nonsense for high command to talk as if they can find solution.What can these politicans do more than what srikrishna commission did. Above all when people of all regions are charged to the peaks of break down, the politicians become irrelevant. only 12 crores telugus can decide.