Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pakistan-India: Air Chief hawkish, Khurshid plays dove


The on-going Pakistan-India cross-border tension, with Pakistan not responding to a call for a 'flag meeting' and the Indian Air Chief warning Pakistan against LoC violations, makes for headline news. "Air Chief hawkish, Khurshid plays dove", headlines Hindustan Times.
Asian Age and Mail Today write that the wife of Lance Naik Hemraj Singh, who was killed and beheaded by Pakistani troops on January the 8th, has declared a 'hunger strike' along with other family members, until his decapitated head is brought back from Pakistan.
"Women's Laws Top Priority in Budget Session" is an Asian Age headline. The first legislative business of the Budget Session, is set to be the enactment of a Law to provide stringent punishment for crimes against women.
The Hindu reports that the President has rejected the mercy petition of death row convict Saibanna Natikar, convicted for murder of his first wife, followed by murder of his second wife and daughter. This is the second Presidential mercy plea rejection, after Ajmal Kasab.
The Indian Express writes that 'A committee, chaired by the Director General of Health Services, has proposed sweeping changes in the medical parameters for candidates applying for government jobs, after the PMO suggested a 'relook' at the diseases for which a candidate could be declared 'unfit' for government jobs.
The Hindu writes 'It is two years since India has had a Polio case, one more and the country can say Good Bye, Polio!. In 2009 India accounted for nearly half the Worlds reported cases.
And finally The Indian Express writes that the Ministry of Communications and IT is working on a wristwatch-plus-safety device for women which could enable its wearer to send out a distress signal along with her location at the push of a button or a spoken call for help. Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal said the watch would be available in a few months and cost as little as Rs.500/-.

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