Friday, January 4, 2013

Chances of landing yourself a job in the financial services sector are higher and brighter in 2013


The Delhi Police seeking death penalty for the 5 Delhi gang rape accused in their charge sheet, is highlighted by the Press. "Charge sheet seeks death for 5 accused, leaves out minor,'' writes The Times of India. The Tribune headlines reports that the - " Crime was well planned".

Hindustan Times writes that  " In the wake of unprecedented public outrage over the incident, the Union Home Minister has ordered every police station in the Capital to have at least 9 Police women personnel.

 The Statesman reports that the Supreme Court has said - the uncontrolled clinical trail of drugs on humans by multinational companies is creating havoc in the country, and has asked the government to handle the problem on an urgent basis.

The Hindu reports that DMK president - M Karunanidhi has dropped another hint that his son and party treasurer - MK Stalin will be his political successor.

The Economic Times writes that C Rangarajan, key economic advisor to the PM has said the government could consider a rate of tax higher that the current 30% on the 'Super Rich', to raise greater revenue.

The Indian Express writes "Sirhind had the worst child sex ratio in 2001," but now two of its daughters are among the first beneficiaries of India's Direct Benefits Transfer Scheme - Dhanalakshmi, and have received  stipends of Rs 750/- each in their Bank accounts on January the 1st..

HT Business writes " Chances of landing yourself a job in the financial services sector are higher and brighter in 2013 thanks to the impending entry of new players in banking, following a liberalisation of licenses.

Times of India writes that blinking not only keeps your eyes lubricated, but that your brain takes a nap every time you blink, according to researches in Japan's Osaka University. The mental break can last anywhere from a split second to a few seconds - before attention is fully restored.

Hate talk: Abkbaruddin Owaisi may be arrested (DC)

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