Saturday, June 2, 2012

With 13.1 percent growth, Bihar tops states; Delhi second


"With 13.1 percent growth, Bihar tops states; Delhi second" is the headline story of the Times of India. Supported with charts and figures , the paper elaborates that Bihar, which was synonymous with poverty, has emerged as the fastest growing state for the second year running, clocking a scorching 13.1% growth in 2011-12. Bihar's economy today is bigger than Punjab, which until now was the preferred destination of Bihari migrant workers.
Close on the heels of the bleak disclosure that the country's economy is well and truly under the weather, here are more bad tidings. According to Mail Today, Monsoon Trauma is Underway! The much awaited southwest monsoon has failed to keep its Friday date with Kerala. More serious than a slight delay in the onset is its likely dilution towards the end because of rain-buster phenomenon El Nino.
Most newspapers have covered on their front page, along with a photograph, the killing of Ranvir Sena Chief Brahmeshwar Singh in Ara, Bihar early on Friday, which has sparked off violence by the supporters across the state. The Statesman has carried extensive coverage along with a photograph of grieving family members, under its headline: Ranvir Sena Chief Gunned Down"
The Tribune reports that there was further evidence of disarray in the BJP today. After a disconcerting blog entry by the party patriarch L K Advani, an editorial in the party mouth piece KAMAL SANDESH hits out at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and others for their increasing show of defiance.
The Asian Age under the headline Naveen Patnaik Punishes 5 for Coup Plot states that taking tough action against the dissidents who allegedly planned to topple the government three days ago, BJD President Biju Patnaik dismissed two ministers and suspended three senior leaders including his erstwhile adviser Pyarimohan Mohapatra from the party. The Pioneer also covers the same on its front page with the headline "Naveen Goes On a Rampage"   
And Finally, according to The Times of India, Australian researchers have found that eating a block of dark chocolate daily over ten years has "significant" benefits for high-risk cardiac patients and could prevent heart attacks and strokes. For that to happen one needs to take 100 grams of dark chocolates with 70% or higher cocoa content, everyday!

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