Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dual degrees with foreign universities get nod


Papers today lead with the Petrol Price cut across states. "A Pet-Roll back farce" write "The Mail Today"; "Petrol cheaper by another 2 rupees, opposition, UPA allies want more " says The Hindustan Times while "The Times of India" adds that Delhi will see an additional 92 paise decrease, after a reduction in VAT is notified  by the local government.
Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak being sentenced to life in prison is the other lead story in papers "Mubarak gets life in Jail" writes "The Asian Age" while "The Mail Today" says "Condemned -dictator Hosni gets life term."
"Najafgarh MLA shot at; critical " writes "The Pioneer", saying that a day after concern pertaining to security to MLAs was raised in the Delhi Assembly, this incident took place in south west Delhi on Saturday morning. Other papers have also reported the story.
"India joins 40 others to vote for UN resolution against Syria" says "The Tribune", reporting that this  resolution was  put forward by Qatar, Turkey and US at the killing of 108 person in EL- Houleh.
"First Teesta, now Mamta objects to enclaves pact: fear Bangla influx" opines "The Indian Express". The paper writes that the Indo Bangla land boundary agreement, the signature achievement of PM Manmohan Singh's visit to Dhaka last year has run into fresh trouble with west Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee having second thoughts on her government's consent to the settlement package.
And finally under the headline " Dual degrees with foreign universities get nod", "The Hindustan Times" writes that now pursuing a course away from some of the world's top universities will soon be a reality.

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