Friday, June 22, 2012

Nehru's coat kept dad warm, Indian music saw me through


'NDA and left split, Pranab through' under that front page headline, The Indian Express reports that with the votes stacked in his favour,  Pranab Mukherjee appears to become the 13th President of India next month.
According to The Times of India, the Ministry of External Affairs has announced a Passport Mela at 28 Passport Offices across India on Saturdays and Sundays when people can simply walk-in without appointment. 
Yesterday's devastating fire in the Mantralaya, Maharashtra's seat of power, has been covered with pictures, by almost all dailies. 
Hindustan Times reports on its front page that IIT-Delhi has rejected HRD Minister Kapil Sibal's proposal of a single entrance test for all Central engineering institutes, and announced its own entrance examination from next year. 
The Times of India reports that Google has set out to save the world's dying languages. In an alliance with scholars and linguists, the internet powerhouse introduced an Endangered Languages Project website where people can find, share and store information about dialects in danger of disappearing.
The Indian Express quotes a study on suicide mortality wherein more than half the total suicide deaths in women and 40 percent of suicide deaths in men in India occur between the ages of 15 and 29. 
The Financial Express writes that some of the leading news and entertainment broadcasters have been boycotting all government advertisements, protesting the new DAVP policy which makes it mandatory for allocation of 40 percent of the 350 crore rupees of annual government ad spend on regional channels.
Hindustan Times reports Myanmar's pro-democracy campaigner Aung Sang Suu Kyi's remarks in her address to a joint sitting of the British Parliament  that during her 15 years in house arrest it was not just the BBC and other broadcasters that kept her in touch with the world, it was also the music of Ravi Shankar and Mozart. The story's headline reads, 'Nehru's coat kept dad warm, Indian music saw me through.'

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