Tuesday, June 5, 2012

mango skin contains compounds that inhibit formation of human fat cells

The Times of India and the Economic Times have gone green today on the occasion of World Environment Day. A Times of India headline reads, "Every day should be treated as Environment Day". Quoting Environmentalist  Sunita Narain the paper writes, in this frantic development, no one has figured out where the water is going to come from and where the sewage is going to be put".
Mail Today's front page headline reads, "PM wakes up". The story says that at the Congress Working Committee, Dr. Singh has said, that these are difficult times when our will and determination is being tested. We must stay the course. We must have faith in ourselves. Hindustan Times headlines the story as "Ministers inaccessible, Allies no help, grumble Congress leaders".
Sachin Aala Re! Yes, master blaster hogs the editorial  space along with photographs on being sworn-in Rajya Sabha MP. Most papers of the day have published pictures of this world highest run-getter and the first ever sports person to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha. Hindustan Times's HT City very candidly puts it as Aila! Main bhi MP...
The Tribune on its front page shows a fisherman casting his fishing net during a heavy shower in Kochi, and writes, "Monsoon on course, to hit Kerala by tomorrow". And people in the North West region can look forward to some respite from the soaring mercury.
"Sun to get a rare beauty spot tomorrow", under that headline the Pioneer writes, that on Wednesday June the 6, India will wake up to a rare phenomenon. When the Sun, Venus and Earth will align in a straight line, giving the Sun a rare beauty spot. The last time this phenomenon happened was way back in 1882.
Hindustan Times in an exclusive writes that the Government is drawing up plans to ease the foreign direct investment norms for the single-brand retail, with the condition that global firms will have to source 30 per cent of their requirement from local small firms and artisans.
And finally, the Times of India writes that in this mango season, eating a few mango varieties could help you lose weight but only if you eat them with the skin which you normally throw away. According to a research, mango skin contains compounds that inhibit formation of human fat cells.

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