Friday, June 29, 2012

Surjit savours his Sarabjit moment


The Pioneer headline "Surjit savours his Sarabjit moment" very aptly conveys the sentiments of almost all newspapers along with photographs. All papers cover the home coming of Surjit Singh after 31 years in Pakistan jail on charges of  spying. 
The Hindu, Times of India and Indian Express have covered the US Supreme Court's verdict that may virtually hand over President  Barak Obama a second term at the White House. The verdict, upheld a core provision of his landmark health care reform policy, under which every American is mandated to purchase an insurance policy or face penalty.
The governments decision to "look afresh" at the Vodafone retrospective tax has been widely reported by the newspapers. The Indian Express elaborates that in a much needed image makeover, the government intends to put the Vodafone  dispute on a back-burner and focus on macro-economic issues to improve India's image as an investor-friendly destination. 
Syed Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal disclosure on the role of ISI and serving officers of the Pakistani army in the Mumbai terror attack and how the agencies worked to protect their Indian asset has been covered by all leading newspapers.
The filing of nominations for the July 19 Presidential Polls by former Union Minister Pranab Mukharjee and former Lok Sabha Speaker PA Sangma, in the Parliament house have got wide coverage by newspapers with photographs of both nominees, along with their respective parties leaders filing their nomination papers.
The Hindustan Times reports that tests have revealed that more than half of the leading soft drinks contains traces of alcohol. The alcohol levels are as low as 10 mg in every litre and is much less than packaged fruit juices that contain 0.1 to 0.5 per cent.
The Times of India reports that by the year end, blood sugar tests could cost just 2 rupees, take about 10 seconds and draw far less blood than the regular glucose meter.

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