Sunday, October 16, 2011

What Telangana says about our democracy - The Times of India

What Telangana says about our democracy - The Times of India: "Whether you agree with their demand or not, there is no denying the extraordinary commitment on display across Telangana. Lakhs of government servants have been on a strike for over a month, suffering loss of pay and ruining their Dussehra. Given the Centre's prolonged consultations and deliberations, the agitators are likely to miss out on Diwali too.

Their bid to intensify the agitation with a rail blockade has prompted the Andhra Pradesh government to come up with tough measures. Things could get worse in a situation where schools and colleges have been shut as teachers too have taken to the streets. Similarly, the involvement of bus drivers has disrupted public transport in Telangana and of coal miners has caused a power crisis in the whole of Andhra Pradesh and neighboring states. "

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