Saturday, October 22, 2011

Human Development Index rises by 21%, worries over health, sanitation continue


The Allahabad High Court's decision to set aside land acquisition in three villages and hike compensation for farmers in 60 others is the main news in many national dailies.  "Court saves Greater Noida homes, gives farmers a better deal" headlines Hindustan Times.  "All's well that ends well in Noida.  Home buyers heave sigh of relief" writes The pioneer.  The Hindu headline reads, "Noida land acquisition quashed: setback to Maya"
The Statesman, The Asian Age and many other dailies have quoted the Prime Minister as saying that Government is considering changing law to make private sector graft a crime.  The Times of India reports that a 24-hour anti-bribery helpline will be operational in 2 months.
The Tribune, The Times of India, The Asian Age and The Hindu have prominently reported on their front pages, Omar Abdullah's revocation of Army Law in some areas of Jammu & Kashmir.
Hillary Clinton's blunt message to Pakistan, "You can't rear snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbours" forms the headline in The Tribune.
The second India Human Development Report 2011 has been widely discussed on the front pages of many papers.  "Human Development Index rises by 21%, worries over health, sanitation continue" is the headline in The Statesman. 
And finally, The Hindu has quoted Nepal Prime Minister Bhattarai as saying that his India visit has built trust. 

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