Monday, October 10, 2011

Brace for power cuts as plants are low on coal and water


Hindustan Times reports that it will soon be a crime for private companies and their officials to give bribes to and receive BRIBES from other private firms and employees. Private sector to private sector bribery can be a serious factor in undermining fair and reasonable competition.

The Statesman, The Asian Age, The Financial Express and other papers have reported the news item about the National Broadcasters Association expressing regret over Government's decision which empowers the I&B Ministry to decline the renewal of TV channel licences, if they are found violating the terms of Government programme code five times.

Road accidents in Delhi have fallen sharply this year, writes the Times of India in a lead story. According to the paper, as more vehicles were added to Delhi's roads each year there was a corresponding rise in road deaths in the past decade.

"More power cuts ahead" writes Mail Today. The papers adds that ahead of the festive season, power outages are set to peak today when the demand for electricity surges as offices and institutions reopen for work. The Delhi Government has finally acknowledged that it has a full-blown crisis on hand due to supply OF shortfalls. Most of the papers including the Tribune, have added that the power scene may remain grim for another week. "Brace for power cuts as plants are low on coal and water", writes the Times of India.

And finally, it is said that 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away', but new researches say that eating the fruit may damage your teeth and force you to visit a dentist. Researchers at Kings College London found that eating an apple regularly can be up to four times more damaging to the teeth than carbonated drinks. The Times of India and Mail Today have covered this story.

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