Monday, October 31, 2011

"Vettel is the champ, India the winner"


Front pages of most papers this morning have photographs of the Formula One Champion with his trophy. "Vettel is the champ, India the winner", writes the Hindustan Times
The other major story that makes the headlines this morning is Nira Radia, the high profile but controversial promoter of Vaishnavi Corporate Communications, announcing her decision to quit business communication consultancy and close down her offices. The Statesman and other papers have a front page photo of Nira Radia.

The Asian Age and Mail Today report that freezing conditions hit the US East Coast  on Sunday after a rare October storm wreaked havoc on air, road, and rail traffic. Mail Today says, days after flood waters submerged parts of Bangkok, New Yorkers are now facing the prospect of a White Halloween.

The Times of India writes about an international team of  scientists identifying stem cells that rapidly rebuild the tiny air sacs in the lungs called alveoli. This may pave the way for new treatment for people with damaged lungs. The Asian Age added that the International team at the Genome Research Institute, Singapore said the treatment could offer hope for heavy smokers, asthma patients, and those affected  by chronic lung-scarring.

Seven billionth baby coming today, writes the Tribune in a front page story. Projections of the worlds seven the billion baby to be born in India on Monday will be a symbol of the right of every girl to survive, said Plan International conducting the exercise. If everyone joined hands to form a human chain, seven the billion people would circle the Earth's equator about 175 times, and stretch to the Moon and back 9 times, writes the Times of India putting the staggering figure in perspective.

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