Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Telangana tailspin | The Asian Age

Telangana tailspin | The Asian Age

Of all the wounds that the Congress-dominated United Progressive Alliance has inflicted on itself in its second tenure (UPA-II), arguably the worst is the dithering over the burning Telangana issue. The thundering silence of the top leadership of the government and the Congress Party amidst tempestuous turmoil on the ground speaks for itself.

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  1. Like all other capital cities, Hyderabad is the hub for people across all the parts of the country. Every Hyderabadi has contributed for its growth and prosperity. Hyderabad is for the people born and settled here. People from all the regions including Telangana have exploited Hyderabad resources. It is Hyderabadis who are suffering due to all these agitations. We are not able to send our children to schools, provide treatment for the sick and even transportation is a problem. We hyderabadi's strongly demand separate Hyderabad. No KTR or KD can dictate Hyderabad people. Don't under-estimate the patience of Hyderabadis