Sunday, October 30, 2011

Red Bull Driver Mark Webber said the Greater Noida "Formula 1 track is 'probably the smoothest track in the world'


The Formula 1 extravaganza scheduled for today at the new Buddha International Circuit in Greater Noida, gets prime slot in the Press. "Sebastian Vettel starts first today" writes the Asian Age. "Sachin Tendulkar to wave the chequered flag at the India Grand Prix", reports the Statesman. The Hindustan Times writes that Red Bull Driver Mark Webber said the Greater Noida "Formula 1 track is 'probably the smoothest track in the world'.

"Stir Hit Maruti goes to Gujarat for its biggest plant" - headlines the Times of India. The paper adds - 'frustrated by recurring labour trouble in Haryana, the Maruti Board granted approval to purchase land in Mehsana district in Gujarat and is expected to invest 18,000 crore rupees for its new facility.

The Mail Today writes that India has appealed to France to support its plan for voluntary exchange of tax information by the International Community at the sixth G-20 Summit at Cannes, in a move to check black money.

'Team Anna says, core committee will continue' - reports the Hindu, adding that setting aside its inner contradictions and conflicts - the core committee has decided to stay united.

Several papers write about the concert in Gurgaon by the famous American heavy metal band, Metallica, getting cancelled. The Statesman reports that four members of the organising concern DNA Networks have been arrested on charges of cheating the public.

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