Friday, October 23, 2015

Sena chief Uddhav tears into BJP, but won’t break Maharashtra alliance

Sena chief Uddhav tears into BJP, but won’t break Maharashtra alliance 


    The Haryana Government ordering a CBI probe into the burning of a Dalit family by upper caste villagers in Faridabad's Sunped village, which left two small children dead, is covered by several newspapers. "CBI to probe attack on Dalit family, Rajputs flee village". headlines The Indian Express, The Hindu carries a photograph of a neat single row of women blocking a road, to protest the deadly assault.
    On the same issue, Mail Today reports, "Netas out to encash Dalit Kids' murder, from Rahul to Brinda to Ashutosh, Sunped became the spot for political photo op".
    The Punjab Police have claimed that it has clear and concrete evidence of foreign funding in the cases of desecration of the Guru Granth Sahib in recent days, aimed at ripping apart the social fabric of Punjab reports The Pioneer.
    "Stage set for the rise of Amarawati", headlines the Hindu. The new futuristic capital of Andhra Pradesh is to come up at village Uddan-dara-yuni-palem and surrounding villages, where local farmers are already sitting around in group to discuss what is to happen to them and their villages.
    The Hindustan Times says"UK wants CWG dues of British Firms settled before PM visit" adding the "David Cameron government has expressed hope that New Delhi will resolve the issue of outstanding payments to British Companies involved in the 2010 Common Wealth Games before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives for a three-day visit in November."
    "Pakistan could be No.5 Nuclear Power by 2025", headlines the Times of India . The latest Nuclear Notebook report by Bulletin of Atomic Scientists reports that Pakistan now has a stockpile of 110-130 warheads, and is developing mini-nukes to use against Indian Troops if required.
    The Hindu Business Line says that the Anil Ambani led- Reliance Capital announced yesterday the acquisition of the Indian mutual fund business of Goldman Sachs for 243 crore rupees, in an all cash deal, including its strong bouquet of schemes and talented team.
    The Hindustan Times headlines "Hot and Dry Octobers are the new normal in the capital now", adding that October 2014 was the hottest in 64 years and this October doesn't seem any different with temperatures several notches above normal and no sign of the autumn showers usual for this time of the year.

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