Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Girls not safe in country: Kailash Satyarthi

Girls not safe in country: Kailash Satyarthi


    The 7.5 magnitude earthquake which hit Afghanistan, Pakistan and India grabs front page attention. highlighting the Indian government's response, the Times of India reports "Modi calls up Sharif and Ghani, offers help".
    The arrest of underworld don Chhota Raja in Indonesia is prominently noticed in all the papers. "Dawood rival held on tourist island of Bali, local police say his deportation likely within this week". The Asian Age states "CBI team going to Indonesia to bring him back".
    Geeta, an Indian girl who had accidentally strayed into Pakistan 12 years ago returned to India yesterday. The Indian Express has a picture of Geeta meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the caption "Geeta gets PM welcome: Truly wonderful to have you back". The Pioneer notes "On return to New Delhi, she fails to acknowledge Mahatos as her family".
    The media keenly tracks the political temperature in Bihar ahead of the third phase of assembly elections. The Indian Express quotes Prime Minister Modi as saying at a rally in Buxar "Nitish and Lalu conspiring to give Dalit, OBC quota to another community". The Times of India highlights Nitish Kumar's response with the caption "PM distorting facts with quota claims to polarise voters".
    The Sardar Patel Memorial lecture organised by All India Radio and delivered by Information and Broadcasting Minister Arun Jaitley, is highlighted in most papers. The Pioneer quotes him as saying "Age of bans on media over". The Indian Express reports him as saying "government may impose restrictions in extreme cases".
    Senior BJP leader Arun Shourie's critical comments on the NDA government are widely noticed in the press. The Asian Age quotes him as saying "PM managing economy through headlines". The Hindu reports him as saying "NDA is congress plus a cow".
    The Financial Express in its front page headline writes "Government spending on infrastructure projects picking up at a modest pace".
    A report by a team of WHO experts on the harmful effects of eating processed meat is prominently noticed. The Times of India specifies that WHO has categorised processed meats like ham,bacon and sausages as carcinogenic.
    And finally...the Asian Age informs us that the world's largest portrait is to be shot in Lucknow. When a group of 50,000 students in school uniform will pose by the Gomti river and a total of 100 cameras operated also by students will click 1500 pictures that will be stitched together to make a single portrait.

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