Friday, October 9, 2015

PM Modi breaks silence on Dadri, says country has to stay united

PM Modi breaks silence on Dadri, says country has to stay united


    President Pranab Mukherjee saying that India's core values of diversity, tolerance and plurality should not be allowed to wither away, in the backdrop of a mob lynching in Uttar Pradesh is covered prominently by all newspapers on their front pages today.
    The Asian Age quotes Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh as saying "Will act against all who disrupt harmony".
    Another story that is highlighted by the media is that the government approved a 500 crore rupees project for building a "national war memorial" and a "national war museum" near India Gate in memory of over 22,500 soldiers who laid down their lives post independence.
    Hindustan Times, Hindu and Times of India report on their front pages of two under-trials locked in a battle for supremacy being killed in a clash in the Tihar jail on Wednesday afternoon, once again bringing into focus inadequate security at the country's biggest prison.
    Most newspapers take note of the Supreme Court refusing to modify its interim order and allow bodies like RBI and SEBI and some states to allow voluntary use of Aadhaar card for welfare schemes other than the public distribution system (PDS) and LPG schemes.
    The Times of India leads with the story that whitefly destroys 2/3rd of Punjab cotton and 15 farmers commit suicide. The paper also reports that many dealers are held for selling fake pesticide.
    And finally, The Asian Age reports that the hunt for alien life may get easier, thanks to a habitability index created by scientists that can point out which of the thousands of exoplanets discovered so far have a better chance of hosting life.

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