Saturday, October 10, 2015

India demands justice after Saudi employer accused of chopping off maid's arm

India demands justice after Saudi employer accused of chopping off maid's arm


    The Prime Minister speaking on Dadri, the J&K MLA being thrashed for holding a beef party, women pilots to fly supersonic fighters, and Vodafone winning the transfer pricing case figure prominently in today's newspapers.
    "Vikas Raj vs. Jungle Raj: Modi calls for Hindu-Muslim unity to fight poverty" headlines The Pioneer; "Modi says fight poverty not each other" states the Times of India; "President showed way, shun leaders' hate talk : Modi" says Asian Age.
    "BJP men thrash J&K MLA over beef party", reports the Asian Age. The Tribune reports that the Beef Row took a violent turn because "Independent legislator Abdul Rashid Sheikh hosted a beef party on the lawns of the MLA's hostel.
    "Vodaphone wins 3,700 crore rupees in income tax demand case" is the other headline in The Hindu with the Business Line adding that the High Court says the "Transaction outside transfer pricing purview". "Voda wins in court again," reports the Financial Express and the Economic Times.
    "196 countries of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change are expected to agree to a universal deal in Paris this December." "Paris Climate draft favours rich nations", reports the Hindustan Times quoting Environment Secretary Ashok Lavasa. "Paris agreement is lopsided and does not contain concerns of the developing countries".
    Ghazal Maestro Gulam Ali being invited to sing in Kolkata and Delhi finds mention in the papers. "Sena wont let Ghulam Ali sing in Maharashtra", reports the Tribune  after the Pakistan singer's Pune show too is cancelled.
    And finally, "Missionaries of Charity may have to shut down orphanages" after it refused to give children up for adoption to single, divorced or separated people," says the Hindustan Times.

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