Sunday, October 25, 2015

Nearly 75,000 Tonnes of Pulses Seized After 6,000 Raids in 13 States

Nearly 75,000 Tonnes of Pulses Seized After 6,000 Raids in 13 States


    Home Minister Rajnath Singh cautioning Union Ministers for their controversial statements figures on the front pages of most dailies. "Rajnath raps loose cannons in government" says Mail Today , referring to remarks by  VK Singh and Kiran Rijiju . "Remark  dogs V K Singh, SC/ST panel tells UP government to file case" is the Times of India headline.
    Delhi government taking on the LG, over transfers, gets front page coverage in the Hindu and the Hindustan Times. "Kejriwal Cabinet launches Jung on LG" says the Pioneer.
    Sahitya Akademi finally breaking its silence is prominently covered by the press. "Literary body finally supports protesters" reports the Economic Times. "Akademi urges writers to take back awards' writes the Tribune.
    Its difficult for the Aam Aadmi to even eat Dal-Roti now, with the spiralling prices of pulses. The Business Standard shows a graph of prices of arhar dal, which from 77 rupees a kg in January has now become 175 rupees a kg. There soon might be relief as the paper's headlines reads 'Government in overdrive to rein in prices of pulses".
    The World is finally realising that India has some of the best brains. The Hindu business line writes, "Google turns to India for moonshot ideas", search engine giant set to lauch contest, offers winners millions of dollars'.
    So you are enjoying your non veg fare after Navratris? Choose your food carefully. The Times of India writes on its front page 'processed meats as big a cancer risk as smoking', adding that ham, bacon, sausages and salami pose the highest cancer risk.
    "Delhi Police spreads its wings to unclog traffic"says the Pioneer , of the cops monitoring immersion of Durga idols yesterday. "Traffic cops keep eye from the sky" writes the Hindu, showing a chopper hovering over Ferozeshah Kotla ground in the capital.
    Adnan Sami all set to get Indian citizenship is reported by The Hindu and The Times of India.
    And finally, with Diwali round the corner, are you waiting for the Melas to shop? Well The Tribune trends writes 'Diwali Melas go on line' making your shopping a lot easier.

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