Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TCS sets up facility for Next Gen Tech Solutions in Hyderabad - The Hindu

TCS sets up facility for Next Gen Tech Solutions in Hyderabad - The Hindu


 “The Sushma Swaraj - Lalit Modi Controversy, Petrol Prices being hiked and diesel reduced and the armed forces veterans going on a relay fast across India asking for one Rank one Pension are some lead stories in papers today.

“Space Shrinks for Sushma - BJP in siders say damage to parties image from Lalit Modi Episode before monsoon session and Bihar polls could be decider”, writes the Mail Today.

The Hindustan Times writes that  with PM Narendra Modi being committed to the one Rank One Pension scheme for the armed forces, the Finance and Defence Ministries are working towards hammering out a consensus formula on the proposed retirement benefits.

In news that has disappointed health workers, the Indian Express reports that Barely 6 months after being hounoured by the World Health Organisation for its strict tax regime on tobacco  products, the Rajasthan govt has Slashed taxes on tobacco products like cigrattes and Gutka by as much as 20 %.

The Hindu writes that Delhi has emerged as most uncaring of the elderly, with a multi city survey finding that  92% of young delhites were not willing to act to prevent abuse of senior citizens.

In news related to the ripples caused by the Maggi Noodles controversy, the Times of India writes: “Nestle India set to take 320 crore, rupee hit on Maggi recall. “ “Australia Suspends Imports of Maggi packs from India” and “ Tata starbucks withdraws 12 ingredients pending approval from the central foods Safety Regulator.

And finally, In heartening for those who love their sleep and get it too, the Hindustan Times says  that people who sleep for less than 7 hrs were up to 4 times more likely to suffer a stroke and doubled their risk of a heart attack.

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