Saturday, June 27, 2015

Petroleum Ministry to invest Rs. 1,300 crore in Telangana this year - The Hindu

Petroleum Ministry to invest Rs. 1,300 crore in Telangana this year - The Hindu


Almost all the dailies carry ongoing reports of the Vasundhara Raje controversy. "No one tainted, no one will quit," says the Asian Age on its front page. "Vasundhara and party unmoved" reports the Indian Express; the Pioneer highlights the Rajasthan Chief Minister's defense of the issue "Signed papers not an affidavit: Raje tells BJP" whereas the Hindu Headlines, " BJP in a fix" and Mail Today declares "RSS shows Red Card to Raje."

Reports of the AAP's first budget find place on the front pages of all news papers. The Times of India says "AAP budget taxes the good life, pumps funds into education, health and welfare." The Hindustan Times reports "AAP pushes 'Swaraj' in maiden budget," explaining that it has created a Swaraj fund which will enable citizens to select and implement programmes prioritised by them.  The Statesman reports that "Congress terms AAP government's first budget 'Bogus'" because the "total budgetary allocation has been reduced."

About the launch of flagship programmes in urban development and housing by the Prime Minister yesterday, The Statesman in its lead story says "PM unveils smart city, housing plans, pitches for FDI in urban development schemes."

Revealing the strong attachment that people have for the banned Maggi noodles, Hindustan Times reports, "Despite ban, Maggi being sold at 102 rupees per packet in South Delhi" adding that it is sold only to familiar customers who express "Dire need."

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