Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Law & Order in Hyderabad to remain under Telangana: DGP



Yoga Day is the obvious lead in all newspapers today. The Times of India quips, "Modi is  man of the Mat  turns Rajpath into Yogpath" The Pioneer terms it, "Vishwa Guru! India shows the way on first global Yoga Day".

The Hindustan Times reports, "Thousands at Rajpath but opposition missing", "Sonia, Rahul away on short foreign trip, miss Yoga Day ". The paper also writes, "Kejriwal, Jung keep safe distance" positioning themselves on opposite sides of the central vista at Rajpath.

Papers also report, Former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi flaunted UK royal link for travel papers from the UK Home office, invoking the names of Prince Charles and his brother Andrew.

Business Standard writes "compliance window for black money in July" for those with undisclosed income and assets abroad, to declare these without facing prosecution.

"Patently ahead : Karnataka edges out Tamil Nadu in filings' writes the Hindu, saying Patent filings from various entities in Karnataka have shot up by 40 per cent in a year.

The Economic Times brings good news of revival of rains, under the headline "Monsoon faces to  Kashmir from Kanyakumari". The paper states global climatic conditions have given momentum to the monsoon to reach Kashmir in two to four days.

The Indian Express says " Railways to lend a step up to the upper berth" which is difficult to negotiate , with new ladder designs being carried out in trains.

And finaly, The Times of India brings cheer saying, "A New way to replace heart valve offers a ray of hope" to those at high risk from open-heart surgery.

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