Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mumbai high-rise fire: Seven dead, at least 25 rescued; situation under control | Zee News

Mumbai high-rise fire: Seven dead, at least 25 rescued; situation under control | Zee News


Maggi taken off shelves across India is covered extensively by all papers. "FSSAI trashes Nestles safety claim - food safety watchdog stops production, import and sale of noodles brand", is the Business Standard headline. The Times of India writes that now Complan and Kellogg brands are under the lens too.

Prime Minister Modi's Bangladesh trip finds wide coverage. "In Dhaka, Prime Minister to loosen purse strings", is a Hindu headline. The paper adds that India may commit a 4-5 billion dollar aid to Bangladesh.

The army launching a major offensive in Manipur with its 1500 km unfenced border with Myanmar sealed figures on the front pages of the Hindustan Times and the Indian Express. " Massive ops to hunt militants", is the Asian Age headline, adding that the Army admits intelligence failure.

"Kerala finally gets monsoon solace", says the Tribune. The Hindustan Times informs that 24 days is how long it will take the monsoon to reach Delhi.

Kashmiri separatist leader declaring he is Indian only as far as his passport is concerned is featured in Mail Today. "Pakistan at heart, Geelani turns Indian for passport", writes the Pioneer.

Parupalli Kashyap doing India proud by becoming the first Indian in 14 years to claim victory, after defeating a world number one in men's singles badminton is reported by the Indian Express.

The Indian archery team pulling out of the World Youth Archery Championships in the U.S is termed as a "lost chance" by the Times of India. The paper says "US denies visa to 20 junior archers fearing no return".

Good news for Delhi commuters. Most papers have reported of the opening of the ITO metro station on Monday.

And finally, do have a look at an endearing photo of the world's most powerful man - Barack Obama - on all fours - playing with a baby at the Oval office. It appears  in the Times of India.

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