Tuesday, May 21, 2013

'UPA set for debacle in LS polls'

'UPA set for debacle in LS polls'



Most papers this morning have published front-page photographs of the visiting Chinese Premier, with headlines talking about the border issue being raised by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during the talks. "Border peace vital for ties, Manmohan tells China's Li", reads the headline in Hindustan Times. "PM takes tough line on incursion issue", says the Indian Express.

The Tribune has a front page story on renowned cardiac surgeon Dr. Lall creating a world record by performing an Angioplasty operation on a 104 year old man at a private heart institute in New Delhi.

Citing an international study the Pioneer says that while the country may rejoice at the stabilization of the tiger population inbreeding amongst the Indian tiger population is a major threat to the survival of the animal. Loss of habitation resulted in a lack of genetic diversity which is crucial for the big cats to survive, says the Hindu. " 'Drying' DNA pool stalks Indian tigers", writes the Times of India.

The Indian Express and other papers highlight the current heat wave sweeping across North India with the temperature going above 46 degrees Celsius in Delhi yesterday. The Times of India headline of the story reads, "City sizzles at 44.6 degrees Celsius". The Meterological Department has announced that high temperatures and the heat wave is likely to continue for the next few days, says the paper.

The Hindustan Times writes that there were 4,79,000 visitors to the Mughal Gardens in Rashtrapati Bhawan this year and the President's Secretariat has now decided to charge Rs.25 as entry fee from the 1st of August this year to enable better maintenance of the Gardens .

And finally, Mail Today reports that in a first for the conservative Muslim kingdom of Saudi Arabia where women sports are severely restricted, a Saudi woman, Raha Muharaq, reached the summit of the world's highest peak the Mt. Everest on Saturday. In a related story the Tribune and the Hindu report that Samina Baig has become the first Pakistani woman to scale the Mt. Everest.

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