Monday, May 6, 2013

End to Indo-China face-off in sight


Appointment for a top Railway Ministry position in lieu of a bribe - has Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal's job on the line, reports the Statesman. The Asian Age writes that Minister's nephew struck a deal with Railway Board member Mahesh Kumar - for taking charge of the most lucrative "electrical" unit.

"End to Indo-China face-off in sight" - headlines the Sunday Pioneer - with the two sides expected to arrive at an agreement. New Delhi is likely to agree to go slow on building bunkers in the disputed areas and Beijing could reciprocate by pulling back its troops to their original position.

Sunday Times writes that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh yesterday vowed to press ahead with reforms to make India more attractive to investors. He told members at the Asian Development Banks meeting that the government also plans to provide people a legal entitlement to food, at affordable cost.

The Statesman, reporting on the Karnataka Assembly Polls , writes that Congress heavyweights Mr Siddaramaiah and Mr G. Parameshwar are battling it out with each other to stake their claim for the Chief Minister's Chair in Karnataka.

The Hindu writes that India's decision to develop the Iranian port of Chabahar has deep political resonance and is spurred by the Chinese stake in Pakistan's Gwadar Port. The full development of Chabahar would lower land locked Afghanistan' dependence of Pakistani ports for assured access to the sea, and balance joint forays by China and Pakistan into the Indian Ocean.

And finally, Times of India informs us 'How you stand is how you feel'. Recent social science research indicates that a commanding pose or posture can change how you perceive yourself and, ultimately, how you are perceived by others. Poses are powerful. An expansive 'power pose' - as against a slouched posture - could start a positive cycle that lasts all day.

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