Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sarabjit Singh dies in Lahore: Arrangements underway to send his body to India -NDTV


The Supreme Court coming down heavily on the Central Bureau of Investigation, for sharing its probe report on coal block allocation with the Law Minister and other officials is prominently written about in the newspapers. "Compromised Bureau of Investigation" is the Times of India headline. "Supreme Court hauls CBI over the coals" is the Indian Express headline.
"Haren Rawal resigns as Additional Solicitor General" highlights the Hindu. He claimed in a letter to the attorney general that he had been made a scape goat in the coalgate controversy.
The Statesman reports that a 3rd meeting of local military commandos of India and China held in Daulat Beg Oldi in Ladakh to end the border incursion impasse between the two countries. The Tribune writes, "China says - can go a few steps back, India wants total retraction" - writes the Tribune.
Congress leader Sajjan Kumar acquitted by a Delhi court in a 1984 anti-sikh pogrom case - is also widely covered. "Sikhs outraged by Sajjans acquittal", states the Pioneer. The Hindu says that a shoe was hurled at the judge by the President of the All India Sikh Federation which however, missed its mark.
Musharraf banned for life from polls - reports Hindustan Times. The Peshawar High Court, headed by the Chief Justice has taken the decision. Meanwhile, the Pioneer reports that against the backdrop of attacks on election meeting, the Taliban has vowed to end democracy in Pakistan.
Hindustan Times reports of a recycling heaven in the home of radiologist - 73 year old Indra De who has not thrown away anything as trash, putting it to innovative use instead. Paint and milk containers have plants growing in them and polythene bags stuffed comfortably into cushion covers.

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