Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mayhem in Indian markets, while Pakistani stocks zoom to record high

Prominently covered in today's newspapers are PML (N) Chief, Nawaz Sharifs overtures of peace to India, and reciprocal Indian sentiments. Sharif plans to invite PM to swearing in" headlines The Statesman. Quoting Nawaz Sharif, Hindustan Times writes " We will not allow Kargil, 26/11, or terror from Pakistani Soil".

"Siddharamaiah sworn in, unveils Rs. 4,400 Crore sops". The Indian Express reports that amongst the benefits extended by the newly elected Chief Minister of Karnataka - is a 4 rupee government subsidy on every litre of milk and rice at Rs 1 per kg.

A headline in the Asian Age reads "China eager to push talks on boundary". Just days ahead of new Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's first visit to any foreign country, the Chinese foreign ministry has called for political will from both sides - to resolve the boundary issue between the two countries.

Several papers speak of the benefits of MGNREGA which, apart from providing employment to the jobless, has become an instrument of social change- Mail Today reports that a pond constructed in a Jharkhand district has developed into a platform for social interaction, breaking centuries' old walls between castes and classes.

An Amritsar Dhaba waiter Mithun Kumar, who was honoured for his work to educate children from impoverished families, is now manufacturing and selling organic compost prepared in six huge earthenware pots full of food waste, because his wages are no longer sufficient for the task of teaching the children.

"Mayhem in Indian markets, while Pakistani stocks zoom to record high", is a Pioneer headline. The paper writes that stock markets in both India and Pakistan behaved in a different manner on Monday reflecting the mood and mind of both nations.

And finally Hindustan Times informs us that according to recent research - modern lifestyle is causing dementia and other brain diseases to strike at a much younger age, affecting people under 55 years, with widespread use of computers, mobile phones and chemicals to blame.

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