Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CBI pulls chain at Bansal Junction


"CBI pulls chain at Bansal Junction", headlines the Mail Today. With the surrender of Ajay Garg, a close associate of Railway Minister Bansal's arrested nephew Vijay Singla, the CBI's web has begun tightening inexorably around the Minister, writes the paper.

Reporting on neonatal mortality rates, the Hindu writes that over 3 lakh newborns in India die within 24 hrs of their birth every year and that is the highest number in the world. The track record of the States shows that Kerala is far ahead of the rest of India in saving babies. Internationally, Bangladesh has reduced its new born mortality by 49 % since 1990, and Nepal by 47%, reports the paper.

"Queen to skip Lanka CHOGM" writes the Asian Age reporting that for the first time in 40 years, Queen Elizabeth II will skip the Commonwealth summit to be held in Sri Lanka, and will send her son Prince Charles instead for the biennial event.

In good news for foreign tourist inflow into the country, the Times of India writes, "India makes it easier to get visas on arrival". The paper says that not only has the visa on arrival facility been extended from 4 to 9 airports in the country, but a group visa on arrival facility has been given the nod for visitors from most countries.

The Pioneer writes that amid fierce protests in Delhi and Punjab against Congress leader Sajjan Kumar's acquittal in a 1984 anti Sikh riots case, the CBI plans to challenge the relief to former MP from the trial court in the case.

"Army pushes for arms for mountain warfare", says the Asian Age, adding that the modern weaponry will boost the Army's mountain warfare capabilities, a significant step considering the recent Chinese incursion in eastern Ladakh.

And finally, validating that human beings across the world are linked in more ways than one, the Times of India says that for the first time ever, European and Asian languages, spoken by billions of people today, have been traced back to a single mother tongue, as old as the Ice Age.

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