Tuesday, April 30, 2013

UPA-2 tenure sees most parliament disruptions


Most papers show pictures of Sarabjit's family in Pakistan. ‘Sarabjit critical, family wants to bring him home for treatment’, reads the Hindu headline.

A Hindustan Times special says ‘UPA-2 tenure sees most parliament disruptions'. The Times of India has covered this story on its front page under the headline, ‘This Lok Sabha could be the least productive in history.’ The paper adds that after 4 years, this Lok Sabha has had just 1,157 hours of sittings.

The Indian Express has given prominence to the coal scam. The paper’s lead headline reads, ‘In submission to Supreme Court, CBI listed government changes, included para-by-para, line-by-line changes made by law minister and two officers from the PMO’.

‘Opposition to raise pitch for Ashwani’s ouster’, writes the Tribune. the Asian Age says, ‘2-day BJP stir from May 4 on Coalgate’.

The Times of India writes of the vigilance enquiry report in connection with the Gudiya rape case. ‘Probe denies hush up by cops - report blames SHO for offering bribe to victim’s parents’, says the paper.

The Hindu, Hindustan Times and the Times of India report of a Guinness record holder who died while crossing the Teesta river, hanging on a rope by his hair. Sadly, a case of a daredevil stunt going horribly wrong.

On the international front, many papers have reported of the shooting incident which occurred in Rome, while the new Prime Minister was taking oath.

Is your teenager child obese and has diabetes as well? Well, there’s hope - and it is something like killing two birds with one stone. Mail Today reports of cases where after bariatric surgery, all symptoms of type-2 diabetes vanish within days of operation.

And finally, never underestimate the power of prayer. Besides giving you peace of mind, it may improve treatment for those suffering from depression, writes the Times of India citing a study.

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