Tuesday, April 30, 2013

#Coalgate: Sharing information with govt has shaken entire process, says SC

Coalgate: Sharing information with govt has shaken entire process, says SC

“ It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. ”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson 


The Indian government asking for the release of injured, death row convict Sarabjit Singh from Pakistan and the government and opposition reaching a temporary truce to allow passage of the finance bill today are two stories reported by most papers on their front page.
"China grabs land, says it's 'ours' ", writes the Pioneer reporting that Chinese troops have a 5th tent in Indian territory, with a banner declaring it to be Chinese territory.
The Asian Age writes that Navy is sacking 3 of its officers for divulging secret information on social networking sites such as Facebook. The matter was initially detected in Sept. 2011.
The Indian Express reports that seeking to give immunity to officials from prosecution, for their policy decisions even after retirement, the government has planned to ask Parliament to amend the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988.
Referring to the transfer of some senior police officers in Delhi, the Mail Today opines, "Top cops become fall guys for rapes - politicians take easy route by shunting out cops but offer no solutions on how to improve system".
The Times of India writes that the Union Cabinet is likely to discuss an amendment to the marriage laws which, in the event of a divorce, would give the wife equal share of not only the residential property acquired by the husband during or before the marriage, but also his inherited or inheritable property.
The Hindustan Times writes that the government provision of 'No fail' till class 8 may be reviewed as it is to blame for young India's falling math and reading standards as per a parliamentary standing committee.
And finally, in heartening news for girl child, the Tribune writes that the female gender ratio has improved discernibly in Karnal, Haryana, a district notorious for its skewed gender ratio and so called honour killings. The attitude is changing, and the birth of a girl child is welcomed with joy and open arms.

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