Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In gold's meltdown lies a silver lining for the economy


Most newspapers this morning report the falling of Gold prices to a 15 month low, and loosing two thousand rupees in two trading days. Analysts predict a future decline writes the Hindustan Times. "More Commodities get caught in gold price Vortex" writes the Business Standard adding that gold, silver and copper hit multi year lows. "In gold's meltdown lies a silver lining for the economy" writes the Financial Express.

The other major price cut noticed by most newspapers is, the reduction of the price of petrol by one rupee.

The Pioneer reports, that in a significant move the army will recruit more than 200 women and grant them permanent commission in various branches that were the exclusive domain of men.

The Times of India writes about a young Indian American economist whose pioneering work on education was cited by president Barak Obama in last year state of the Union address. Delhi born Raj Chetty a professor of economics at Harvard, has won the award, conferred to economists under the age of 40, who make a significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge, and is often called the Baby Nobel.

Gujarat will loose its status as the only state to be the home of the Asiatic lion with the Supreme Court order that some of the lions be moved to the Kuno wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh. The Hindustan Times, Times of India, Tribune, The Hindu and most other papers have headlined this story.

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