Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chinese incursion. Army rushes troops to Ladakh


Almost all newspapers have carried on their front page reports on the brutal rape of 5 year old child in Delhi. The Hindustan Times headline reads "Neeraj Kumar says he won't quit, Kejriwal turns up heat". Meanwhile, the arrest of another accused, did little to calm the protesters in Delhi as they wanted nothing but the stepping down of police Chief, reports the daily.

The paper also report that the price of petrol is set to fall for the fourth time in less than two months by 2 or 2.50 rupees per litre including value added tax, this time.

The newspaper have reported that in what could be seen as an escalation of tension between India and China on the icy heights of northern Ladakha, the Indian Army has rushed a contingent of 60 troops to the area. The Tribune has covered it under the headline "Chinese incursion. Army rushes troops to Ladakh".

According to The Asian Age India Army soldiers will have their DNA profile stored in a data-bank under a project launched by the Armed Forces Medical Services that will facilitate identification of bodies during any operation, attack or mishap.

The Times of India, inside page, carries a story on Safai Seva, a team of organised rag pickers working at 4 railway stations in the city, who encourages people to sign a pledge saying that "they would not litter".

"Latest to flood the Indian market : "Made in China doctors" inform an Indian Express story on the front page. The paper adds not just toys and consumer goods, trained in China doctors are to flood Indian markets. China is soon emerging as the new Russia, where Chinese colleges teach in English with an average intake of about 150 students.

Gold makes you look old and products with yellow metal cause wrinkles. According to a research by Stony Brook University, USA gold nano particles from personal care products, solar cells and certain drug delivery agents can accelerate ageing and the on set of diabetes. Be warned then, that all that glitters is not necessarily good for you!

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