Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Two power centres ideal model for future, says Congress


Most of the papers on the front page lead with the story on the Power sharing arrangement between party Chief Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh being seen as a model for future governance. "Two power centres ideal model for future - says Congress, writes the Statesman while the Pioneer opines "Cong aims to confuse all on PM choice".

“SC deals a blow to polluting industries - fines Sterlite 100 cr rupees for loss of Tuticorn's coastal environment", says the Pioneer.

The Times of India writes that Monday's Supreme Court Judgement denying patent protection to Novartis on a cancer drug has made headlines across the world. The paper adds that Dr. Brian Druker, one of the Co-developers of the drug has himself welcomed the Supreme Court ruling but with a caveat; that the price of medicine should not be restricted to the extent that it inhibits future investment in new drugs.

"Optic fibre connects Ambani Brothers" writes the Hindu. Papers have reported extensively on Mukesh and Anil Ambani sealing a 1200 cr rupee telecom deal, their first collaboration, 8 years after a bitter split in 2006.

The Hindustan Times writes that with the prepaid auto and taxi facility to NCR towns coming in soon, passengers in Delhi, requiring these from the railway stations and airport can look forward to an easy and economic ride home.

And finally, taking a look into the future, the Times of India writes that the poorly designed Y Chromosome that makes men, is degrading rapidly and may disappear in 5 million years even if men are still around. According to evolutionary geneticist Jenny Graves, new sex determining genes and chromosomes will evolve, leading to the evolution of a new hominid species.

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