Monday, July 18, 2016

Three Officers Killed And Three Injured In Baton Rouge Shooting, Sheriff's Office Says

Three Officers Killed And Three Injured In Baton Rouge Shooting, Sheriff's Office Says


    The front pages of most dailies this morning are replete with stories related to the failed coup in Turkey. "Turkey quells coup in bloody street battle" reads a Hindustan Times headline. The Indian Express writes, "Night of turmoil: Over 260 killed, 2,800 soldiers held as citizens foil Turkey coup" while the Tribune says, "Turkey coup put down: Bid to seize power thwarted, Erdogan calls it ‘treachery’ ; 161 killed, 104 rebel soldiers may have died too". Sunday Pioneer reports that about 148 Indian school students and 38 officials left stranded in Turkey found help coming their way after the Ministry of External Affairs responded to a video message posted by one of the athletes from Tamil Nadu and ensured they are kept safe.

    Newspapers have also reported the dramatic turn of events in Arunachal Pradesh. "New leader unites Arunachal Congress: Tuki's resignation wins back rebels; Khandu is CM-elect" says the Hindu. The Times of India writes, "Cong snatches victory from jaws of defeat in Arunachal; Wins Back All Rebels, Leaves BJP Stunned".

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday utilised the forum of the Inter-state Council for a big push to Aadhaar and Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), reports Sunday Business Standard.

    "Newspapers raided, press sealed, printing banned for 3 days in Kashmir clampdown", under that headline, Hindustan Times reports that authorities in J&K have banned newspaper publication in Kashmir for three days after police raided media houses and shut down a major printing press, in what is being seen as the most sweeping information blackout in the Valley rocked by violence.

    And finally, the invisibility cloak is closer to reality. The Times of India reports that in a first, researchers at Queen Mary University in London have presented a cloaking device that allows curved surfaces to appear flat to electromagnetic waves.


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