Sunday, July 17, 2016

Qandeel Baloch: Pakistan social media celebrity 'killed by brother'

Qandeel Baloch: Pakistan social media celebrity 'killed by brother'


    The massacre in Nice, France, has figured prominently on the cover pages of most newspapers this morning. "Terror on French Riviera" reads the headline in Asian Age. "84 killed in France as terror truck ploughs through crowd", says The Hindu. "Vulnerable France now target of choice for Islamist radicals", says Hindustan Times. The Pioneer writes that a heroic member of the public halted the truck involved in the Nice terror attack by leaping into the vehicle, wrestling with the driver and seizing his revolver, giving the police time to arrive at the spot and shoot the driver. The paper also reports that an eight-month-old baby boy lost in the chaos after a truck rammed into a crowd in the French Riviera city of Nice killing at least 84 people was tracked down through Facebook.
    Mail Today reports that an intelligence warning of a Nice-like terror attack using oil tankers or trucks targeting the convoy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other VVIPs has alarmed Indian agencies and Delhi Police have been instructed not to allow any heavy vehicles in close proximity to the PM's route.
    The Pioneer writes that controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, facing multiple probes over his alleged provocative speeches, on Friday came up with a “strange” logic that “suicide bombings” were permitted when they were used as a “tactic of war”.
    Congress was again stung by revelations made in an autobiography , with old loyalist Margaret Alva hitting out at Sonia Gandhi's style of functioning, her relations with former PM Narasimha Rao and suggestions that the father of a middleman whose name has cropped up in the VVIP chopper scam had links with Sanjay Gandhi, says the Times of India.
    The Hindu writes under the headline, "For Manipuris, it doesn't pay to have a small family" that NGOs in Manipur run an annual competition to award the woman with the highest number of children, and there are attractive but undisclosed cash prizes to be won.
    And finally, this is for all the daddys out there...Fathers play a `surprisingly' key role in their children's development, from language and cognitive growth in toddlerhood to social skills in fifth grade, according to a new study, says the Times of India.

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