Thursday, July 14, 2016

China threatens to set up air zone in wake of Hague ruling

China threatens to set up air zone in wake of Hague ruling


    The Kashmir situation receives prominent attention in the press today.
    "Modi appeals for peace in Kashmir as state simmers" is the lead in the Hindustan Times. Times of India reports, "J&K protesters snatch 70 police guns, build armoury".
    "Apex Court panel indicts CBI Ex-Chief" is the lead in the Statesman. The Times of India  headlines "Sinha interfered in Coalgate probe".
    "Raj Babbar to lead Congress in UP polls" notes the Asian Age. The Mail Today carries a photograph of Priyanka Gandhi, with the caption, "The Face on UP's Window".
    On further changes in the Council of Ministers, Times of India writes "Age bar gets Najma out of Modi team, MoS Siddheshwara too quits".
    "Hague rejects Beijing's claim on South China Sea", covers the Asian Age on its front page.
    "Cameron chairs 'emotional' Cabinet meeting, hands over baton to May", states the Pioneer, on the Prime Ministerial change in the UK.
    "Markets in False Sense of Relief Post Brexit", the Economic Times quotes Sebi chairman U.K. Sinha, in its lead.
    The paper also reports "Govt puts Kerosene on Slow Boil", as Oil Companies get nod to hike price by 25 paise a month from July 2016 to April 2017.
    "Late for team bus, pay 50 dollars", is part of new head coach Kumble's playbook, to instil discipline in the young cricket team, getting ready for a tour of the West Indies, notes the Indian Express.
    And finally, "Lions jaywalk through Gujarat town"!  The Times of India carries an interesting story of a Junagadh resident who witnessed the astounding sight. 

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