Monday, July 11, 2016

21 Dead In Kashmir Clashes, State Asks Separatists To Help Restore Peace

21 Dead In Kashmir Clashes, State Asks Separatists To Help Restore Peace


"Prime Minister retraces Gandhi's journey from, Mohandas to Mahatma" headlines the Pioneer saying the Prime Minister travelled to a railway station where Mahatma Gandhi was thrown out of a train compartment that proved to be a turning point in his life.
The Prime Minister offering the benefits of the country's economic progress to Africa for its larger good on his South Africa trip has been covered by the Indian Express.
The Hindustan Times reports that after the Supreme Court and Prime Minister Narendra Modi cracked the whip, payment schedule for MGNREGA workers improves.
The Centre has now constituted 9 teams from intelligence and investigation agencies and others to scan Zakir Naik's speeches, social media reports and video footage that are suspected to be an inspiration for terror outfits, reports Pioneer on its front page.
Reporting on the backlash after Burhan Wani's death the Sunday Tribune headlines "11 dead, Kashmir on edge" over 150 including cops injured.
Vijay Singh was 9 year old when he left home, due to an alcoholic father. Then he lost his leg, lived in shelter home, today he has bagged a seat in Delhi University is a heart rending story in Hindustan Times.
Gaziabad banning the abrasive Chinese Manjha/ apps helping people donating leftover food/ Parsawan village in Uttar Pradesh having a zero maternal death rate thanks to ASHA workers/Tamil Nadu all set to sell surplus wind power/are some of the other stories covered by newspapers today.

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