Thursday, April 21, 2016

Prince, singer and superstar, dies at 57 at Paisley Park

Prince, singer and superstar, dies at 57 at Paisley Park


    The Uttarakhand High Court's observation on President's rule in Uttarakhand receives extensive coverage in the press today.
    "There's no king, president's rule under judicial review", the Pioneer quotes the High Court. "Even president's decision can go terribly wrong, says High Court" is the Hindu lead.
    The crackdown on surge pricing is also prominently noticed. "Will not allow surge pricing even after odd-even ends", the Times of India cites the Delhi govt, in its lead story. "Purge the surge! Law to fix app -  cab fares" writes the Pioneer, quoting Kejriwal as saying, govt won't allow 'daylight robbery' by cabbies. The Economic Times says "Cabs, States Haggle over Dynamics of Fare Game".
    "Parents may be punished if kids drive" in a move aimed at curbing rising fatalities from the underage getting behind the wheel, is an HT special story.
    "India mourns as Shaktiman dies" writes the Times of India, of the Dehradun Police horse, who was injured in a protest rally, days after he was fitted with a prosthetic limb.
    "Dad can give property to married daughter over son and wife" the Times of India reports of a landmark judgment by the Supreme Court.
    The paper also notes "Class X Boards unlikely to be brought back", as the govt plans to continue the current CCE system introduced in 2011.
    " 'NiL' research by 50% medical colleges" in a decade, spanning 2005 to 2014, reports the Tribune, citing new data on the proliferation of medical colleges posing huge quality challenges.
    "India's 1st bullet train to travel under sea" informs the Hindu Business line as the Railways will build a 21-km-long tunnel near Thane creek, for the first bullet train of the country between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
    And finally, the Hindu Business line has two simple tips for a better and longer life. The paper cites studies to say "Fast and rest, to live fit and long" and "Cut sitting time in office by 71 minutes to live longer" as it reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

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