Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Above normal monsoon big positive; agri to benefit: Experts

Above normal monsoon big positive; agri to benefit: Experts


    The Kerala temple fire tragedy continues to be one of the top stories in the dailies this morning. "Three cars with explosives seized near Kerala temple" leads the Hindu. "Kerala High Court mulls ban on ominous fireworks" states the Pioneer.
    The day two of the Indian tour of the Duke and Duchess of  Cambridge is also covered prominently with photographs in all the dailies.
    Another story that dominates headlines is that of two Indian Medical Students killed in a knife attack by gang of looters in Ukraine's Uzagorod town.
    "Single test for all Medical colleges" leads the Pioneer. "Supreme Court recalls its 2013 order, common medical entrance exam to return" informs Hindustan Times.
    Commenting on the polls in Assam and Bengal the Asian Age reads "High turnouts seen in Assam, Bengal polling". "Assam vote ends with high turnout, case against Chief Minister" notes the Hindu adding "79.51 per cent recorded in West Bengal but final count may go up.
    The Business Standard reports on its bottom spread that the National Payments Corporation of India unveiled the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). This is hailed as a next generation technology in the money transfer space. It is set to completely revolutionise payments by making it as simple as sending a text message on a mobile phone.
    Most of the papers take note that the number of wild tigers has gone up globally by 22 percent to 3,890, from the 2010 estimate of 3,200 based on the best available data, according to the World Wild Life fund and the Global Tiger Forum (GTF).
    And finally, a new link has been found between Alzheimer's and diabetes, reports The Asian Age.

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