Thursday, April 14, 2016

Babies Born To Older Moms May Be Smarter, Healthier: Study

Babies Born To Older Moms May Be Smarter, Healthier: Study


    Monsoon to be above average is the lead in all newspapers this Morning.
    "Monsoon Cheer" announces the Business Standard, as the Met department forecasts above normal rainfall for the first time since 1999. The Economic Times says, "After 2 Droughts, skies could Shower a Bounty".
    "Supreme Court hints at appointing officer to monitor government's relief efforts" in drought affected districts, informs the Hindustan Times. The Pioneer reports "Government mulling loan waiver for farmers hit by drought".
    "Supreme Court pulls up RBI, says loan defaulters flee while farmers suffer" highlights the Hindustan Times. "RBI supposed to keep vigil on bad loans", the Pioneer quotes the apex court.
    "Most Indians' Panama accounts may be via legal channel" informs the Economic Times, as initial inquiries suggest 90 per cent have used RBI's liberalised remittance scheme. "Probe begins; Tax notices go out to  all the names revealed " headlines the Indian Express.
    "India, US ramp up defence cooperation" highlights the Statesman on its front page. "Indian bases to open doors to US warships, planes" reports the Times of India.
    "National Eligibility Test not needed for those who registered for PhD before 2009" is another front page story in the Hindustan Times.
    Delhi government offers Rohit Vemula's brother, an MSc, a Grade IV job, citing rules that only a Grade IV job can be offered on compassionate grounds, reports the Hindu.
    "Endorsers face jail for misleading ads" according to recommendations by a Parliamentary Committee, in a bid to make celebrity endorsers accountable, reports the Times of India.
    "CISF bans face masks, burquas for Delhi Metro entry", days after a daring robbery, informs the Asian Age.
    Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has sought scrapping of learner's licence test, as it only created room for corruption, notes the Times of India.
    And finally, "Top woman biker dies as she lived - in the saddle" reports the Times of India. One of India's foremost women bikers, Veenu Paliwal, died after her Harley Davidson motorcycle skidded into a culvert in Madhya Pradesh on Monday.

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