Monday, April 4, 2016

Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca leak reveals elite's tax havens

Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca leak reveals elite's tax havens


    Newspapers this morning lead with different stories, with the Nuclear summit covered widely.
    "Obama tells India and Pak to reduce Nuclear-threat" is the Hindustan Times Headline. Times of India leads with "Obama sounds alarm over Pak's theft-prone mini - nukes". The Financial Express writes "World wakes up to nuclear threat by non-state actors".
    "Modi pledges 24x7 MADAD for expats" with a multi-lingual helpline, on his visit to Saudi Arabia, reports the Pioneer. The paper adds, the PM's talks with the Saudi King are to focus on anti-terror cooperation to put pressure on Pak.
    'India failed to prove role of Pak terrorists in Pathankot attack' the Hindustan Times quotes the Pakistani joint investigation team, a day after its return from India.
    "Tradition trumps court, locals keep women out of Shani temple" reports the Hindustan Times.
    "Vice-President calls on Supreme Court to help clarify and strengthen secularism, composite culture" is the lead in the Indian Express. At a Jammu University convocation, Vice President Hamid Ansari wondered whether a more complete separation of religion and politics might not serve Indian democracy better.
    "Govt survey finds Hyderabad varsity, JNU best in India" reports the Hindustan Times, of the two universities now at the centre of a raging debate over nationalism and free speech.
    "Unclaimed PF deposits to be diverted" to finance Senior Citizen's Welfare Fund, reports the Hindu.
    The paper also notes, "Delhi Government pays 'highest ever' compensation for farmers' land".
    The Indian Express in its Page One Anchor, reports of a Supreme Court bench directing state governments to prepare a format for a certificate of appreciation to be distributed to hospitals to incentivise the bystander or Good Samaritan, who rushes accident victims for medical care.
    "First Batallion of Indian Gorkhas is born" comprising only Indian domiciles instead of Nepalese troops, as in other Gorkha units of the Army, informs the Tribune.
    And finally, "Delhi to Amritsar in just 150 minutes!" says the Pioneer, of a Railway plan for a 300 km per hour bullet train from the Capital to the Golden City via Chandigarh.

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