Monday, February 9, 2015

Rohtak police get 'vital clues' in rape and murder of mentally challenged Nepalese woman

Rohtak police get 'vital clues' in rape and murder of mentally challenged Nepalese woman


    After the Delhi Elections yesterday, all newspapers have highlighted the results of the Exit Polls on their front pages with catchy headlines "Exit Polls, Enter Aam Aadmi," headlines The Pioneer. The Mail Today reports" Pehle Aap say Exit Polls", while the Times of India adds " Paanch Saal Kejriwal: Exit Polls- Muffler Man may have wrapped it up, leaving BJP out in the cold."
    In related stories The Hindustan Times reports " High on poll ink, Delhi breaks turnout record". The Hindu reports " many centers inaccessible to differently-abled."
    The ouster of Bihar  Chief Minister Jitan Manjhi has also been reported by many newspaper. " Manjhi out and Nitish in ", reports the Mail Today. The Asian Age reports "Nitish effects Bihar coup, Manjhi defiant" while The Hindu adds "Bihar in flux as Manjhi wants House dissolved."
    The Asian Age reports that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked Indian Diplomats to " shed old mindsets" adding that, that is the way forward to position the country in a leading role, rather than being a balancing force globally.
    In significant news, The Times of India informs that " to counter insurgency, the center wants to lay a web or roads in the Naxal-affected areas. To construct 7300 kms of roads, the highways Ministry has reportedly urged the Home Ministry to earmark, rupees 12,000 crore in its Budget.
    The Business Standard in a front page story reports "Government's message to public sector banks : Perform or Perish -allocates rupees 6,990 crore to 9 banks, based on efficiency; laggards left out".
    According to the Indian express "Third Party insurance premium on vehicles set to see sharp hike". In the wake of huge losses being suffered by general insurance firms, the Finance Ministry has asked the regulator to allow a higher hike than usual.
    And finally, in a story headlined " Bone-breaking surgery becomes tall order"  The Hindustan Times reports that a new Ilizarov technique in which a bone is cut or-broken- and lengthened gradually with the help of metal wires or rings, is being used to increase height to grow taller.

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