Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fox News site embeds unedited Isis video showing brutal murder of Jordanian pilot

Fox News site embeds unedited Isis video showing brutal murder of Jordanian pilot


    The Delhi poll related stories dominate the papers today. The Times of India lead quotes a mellower Kejri as saying " We wont confront centre but seek Co-operation". The subhead also quotes him as saying ' Party and I have evolved, dharna to be the last resort".
    On the Aam Aadmi Party's funding issue, The Pioneer writes " AAP defends funding , asks Chief Justice of India (CJI) for Special Investigation team (SIT)". The Hindu leads with "AAP throws probe gauntlet , Modi mocks it". "War of words over AAP funding hots up" is the lead in the Statesman.
    The Economic Times in a box item writes that "Fiery Modi taunts AAP with black money barb". The Times of India writes "Donations to AAP surge, touch 66 lakh rupees on Tuesday".
    BJP unveils its vision for Delhi" is the lead in the Hindustan Times. The  Sub head says "Delayed manifesto stresses development and security of women in capital". The Pioneer writes, " BJP docu en-visions out-of-box solutions" . While the Times of India writes that BJP vision paper refers to citizens from North-east as "Immigrants".
    The Hindustan Times, The Asian Age, The Hindu and The Times of India all carry the news story of petrol ans diesel prices being slashed again on their front pages.
    "RBI keep interest rates unchanged' writes The Asian Age. The Financial Express leads with " No rate cut for now, RBI moves on other fronts,", "Measures to attract FDI, easier norms for FPI's in debt and forex markets".
    On the Saradha scam The Indian Express leads with "Top MHA officials faces probe for bid to 'stall' Saradha arrest". The Hindu in its top bottom fold writes, that "A Top Home Ministry official  tried to stall Matang Sinh's arrests".
    The Times of India reports in an interesting news item that Vegetable and Fruit prices soar up to 100 percent. Between Jan 31st 2014 and Jan 30th 2015, wholesale prices of peas rose by 106 percent, Spinach by 94 percent and Carrots by 89 percent.
    The Express News line reports that the Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the Uttar Pradesh government to shell out additional compensation upto 10 percent of developed land to farmers whose land had been acquired. This may impact property sacks across Noida and Greater Noida.
    And Finally, Are you having trouble sleeping? Well, blame it  on your  gadgets writes the Times of India. Over exposure to screen affects  nerves and disturbs sleep states the paper.

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