Saturday, February 14, 2015

Narendra Modi calls Nawaz Sharif, opens new Indo-Pak innings

Narendra Modi calls Nawaz Sharif, opens new Indo-Pak innings


    "Kejriwal meets Modi, repeats demand for Delhi statehood"-is the Hindustan Times headline.
    The Tribune on its front page says," Jammu & Kashmir set to have PDP-BJP alliance government on February 22".
    The Asian Age headlines that "some in BJP feel arrogance, pro-rich image led to defeat" referring to the recently drubbing of the BJP in Delhi Elections.
    The Financial Express also reports of Prime Minister all set to launch a soil health card scheme on February 19th in Rajasthan, for the benefit of 14 crore farmers to check overuse of fertilizers. 2.48 lakh soil samples from all states will be collected to test the quality in 3 years and identify the nutrient deficiency and excess.
    The Pioneer reports that in about eight months or so only those drug formulations with barcodes will be allowed to be sold in the domestic market.
    The Indian Express reports of a compassionate story of Madhya Pradesh chief minister S.C Chauhan's adopted daughter's wedding in Vidhisha with a picture. The daughter Sona was an inmate of an ashram, she was educated by the chief minister and his wife and today is an Anganwadi worker.
    And finally, India's gold demand dipped 14% in 2014 despite record jewelery sales, according to world gold council - that's a report in Financial Express. The slump in demand was caused primarily by excessive purchase of gold bars and gold coins in 2013.

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