Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey 'better than book'

Fifty Shades of Grey 'better than book'


    Reports of AAP’s landslide victory in the Delhi elections is splashed across all the papers today. “Wall to Wall, Kejriwal” is the banner headline in the Times of India today.  “Kejri sweep stuns India" writes the Asian Age.
    The Pioneer leads with “Delhi Chali AAP ke saath”, the subhead says “Broom clean sweeps in worst drubbing of BJP”. “Aam Aadmi Kejriwal is the new Sultan of Delhi” states the Tribune.
    The Pioneer quotes Kejri’s pep talk “stay humble serve people”. The Times of India writes ‘Avoid ahankaar Kejri tells party”. The Indian Express quotes Kejriwal’s first words after the victory as "this victory is scary don’t let it go to the head".
    The Asian Age reports that AAP is ready to offer leader of opposition status to the saffron party - BJP.
    “Kejriwal to take oath on Feb 14th”, writes the Hindu. The Times of India writes, ‘V-Day resignation to V-Day oath”, as Arvind Kejriwal will take oath of office for his second term as Chief Minister exaclty a year after he resigned the first time, on Feb 14th.
    The Asian Age in its bottom spread quotes Kiran Bedi as saying”, I did’nt lose, BJP lost”. The subhead reads "embarrasses party, says it did’nt take money to give ticket".
    "Nitish takes his flock of 130 to meet president" writes the Pioneer adding that he seeks time at the earlist to prove majority to prevent horse trading.
    The Hindu reports that the Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed Prasar Bharti to share its Doordarshan feed of the ICC world cup 2015 matches with cable operators.
    The Hindu also reports "Facebook launches in India", announcing its tie-up with Reliance communication.
    And finally, it was the mufflers moment. Well, the Express Newsline writes about how Kejriwal’s humble accessory became symbol of fight back, spawning a series of posters.

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