Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Poll-bound states and NDA bastions find favour in rail budget

Poll-bound states and NDA bastions find favour in rail budget

Newspaper Headlines

The first day of the budget session of Parliament yesterday is widely noticed on the front pages. "Opposition flags price rise to disrupt Day 1 of Parliament", states the Times of India.

Most papers take note of the fact that the Rail budget will be presented in Parliament today. The Indian Express reports that the Railways have plans of setting up 'Office on Wheels' for the business traveller with cabins equipped with computers, printers and internet. The Hindu says, "High speed trains may top rail budget agenda".

The Supreme Court's ruling on fatwas issued by Shariat Courts are prominently noticed on the front pages. The Statesman quotes the apex court as saying "Shariat courts have no legal sanction". The Pioneer highlights the reaction of Muslim clerics as it writes "Constitution allows Personal laws contest Muslim clerics".

The issue of the opposition Congress demanding the post of Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha is prominently noticed in all the papers. The Statesman writes "Congress entitled to Leader of Opposition post,says Sonia". The Pioneer reports Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu as indicating that the Congress can get the post, if the UPA makes a formal request.

A cartoon on the edit page of the Hindu shows a very poor man holding up a placard saying 'Reduce Prices' while three suited gentlemen analyse the food in his bowl to find that his food contains rice worth rupees 15, dal worth rupees 10 and so on. A poster of a leader promising ache din or better days is visible in the background. A stinging critique of food inflation and the recently released poverty estimates.

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