Wednesday, July 30, 2014

After Iraq, Libya new horror, Govt. moves to get Indians out


The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's new mantra -per drop, more crop, India's great medal rush at the
Commonwealth Games, Genetically modified crops field trials having been put on hold and Eid
celebrations with pictures find important space in most newspapers today.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon scientists at the 86th ICAR Foundation day to make lab to land
slogan successful.
"After Iraq, Libya new horror, Govt. moves to get Indians out" headlines the Hindustan Times. Now the
Government racing to get some 4,500 Indians including 750 nurses out of Libya.
The US Secretary of State John Kerry backing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's poll slogan of "Sab ka
Saath, Sabka Vikas", calling it a great mission makes for front page news in many papers. "Kerry in Hindi,
plays music for Modi ear", says the Indian Express. "Put Bali agreement on hold, India to tell Kerry" says
the Hindustan Times.
"Deal street gets and new high rises" - a first for Internet company Flipkart mops up 1 billion dollars in the
Economic Times headline. The report says that Flipkart has raised the biggest round of funding by an Indian
Internet firm setting the stage for a battle with Amazon for supremacy of the Indian online retail market.
El Nino conditions in the pacific have receded and have prompted Australia to withdraw  El Nino alert has
been reported by the Times of India. On the other hand, about 150 Uttarakhand roads have been blocked
due to landslide reports the papers, leading to the halting of Kedarnath Yatra.
The Hindu on its front page says 'Batra's panel to Indanise education - report to be submitted in 3 years.
The papers also says that no executive take over of Judicial appointments will take place - Ex Chief Justice
of India V.N. Khare said quoting assurance from Mr. Arun Jaitly.

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