Saturday, July 19, 2014

Crash claims top AIDS researchers heading to Melbourne

Crash claims top AIDS researchers heading to Melbourne


Global outrage over the downing of the Malaysia Airlines plane - continues to dominate the front pages. Hindustan Times, in its top headline writes "Rebels mistook MH17 for a war jet, Russia faces world fury". The Indian Express reports that Barack Obama said the US believed the plane was shot by Russia backed separatists, resulting in an outrage of unspeakable proportions and a global tragedy.

Times of India reports that Malaysian airlines plane MH 17 was shot down minutes after Air India One, bringing Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Frankfurt to Delhi, flew out of Ukraine on a different air route.

The Delhi Budget which is normally presented in the state assembly, was presented in Parliament by the Union Finance Minister, as Delhi is under Presidents rule. The Pioneer reports that the 36,776 crore rupee budget for the capital promised a 260 crore rupees power subsidy, 500 water ATMs and no new taxes.

"CBI does a U-turn on Gopal Subramanium", headlines The Hindu. After apparently giving a negative report on his elevation as a Supreme Court judge just days ago, the CBI is now eager to have him as its Special  Prosecutor in the coal blocks allocation scam trial.

The Asian Age informs us that the Narendra Modi government appears to have finally decided to reconstitute the Planning Commission and there are indications that former Union Minister Arun Shourie is likely to be appointed its Deputy Chairman.

And finally Times of India informs us of a state-of-the-art military anti-tank Javelin missile detector- that could help fight malaria, one of the most deadly diseases on the planet.

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