Monday, July 28, 2014

Government sits on grain mountain


The situation in violence hit Saharanpur, the row over "bugging devices" planted at Union Minister Nitin Gadkari's house and the Akal Takht restraining the new Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee are some lead stories in papers today.
Under the headline "Government sits on grain mountain", The Mail Today writes that grain buffer stocks have doubled in the country, even as food prices rise and the poor are squeezed more and more by the cost of basic food grains.
In a special report, the Hindustan Times says that the much awaited expansion of the Narendra Modi government may see around a dozen new faces joining the government after August 14th.
The Indian Express, in a news item about Prime Minister Modi spelling out dos & don'ts to his ministers at meetings says that the PM has made it clear that no body should use his or her ministry for constituency-specific projects and wants them to think holistically about the entire country.
"Bonhomie returns: Parliament Panel members elected", says The Statesman, writing that not withstanding the ongoing BJP- Congress row over the leader of opposition issue, members of 18 committees and government bodies were elected unanimously, for the first time in decades.
"Crores spent, government takes a relook at Prasar Bharati "relevance", reports The Indian Express writing that the NDA government has quietly started examining the relevance of the Public Broadcaster Prasar Bharati and also whether it is necessary to continue with the statutory body, which many in the government feel, has become a "White Elephant" of sorts over the years.
And finally, women get to actually lead in the Military. According to The Asian Age in a historic move, the Army has decided that women officers, joining the service from 2015 onwards in the permanent commission will be allowed to command battalions, once they reach the rank of colonel. 

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